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NOeG Membership

Persons and institutions are equally elegible for membership in the Nationaloekonomische Gesellschaft, NOeG (Austrian Economic Association).


  • are regularly informed about current events (lectures etc.)
  • receive the journal Empirica free of charge
  • have free admission to the NOeG's Annual Conference


The membership fee amounts to 55 Euro per annum (payable in the course of the respective year). If the fee is paid in advance for 3 years (5 years) it amounts to 150 (235) Euro.

Please use the following bank details to pay your membership fee. In case of an electronic transfer add a note with "Membership" and the years for which you are paying the fee.
Bank: PSK, Bankleitzahl: 60000, Kontonummer: 7.220.577, BIC: OPSKATWW, IBAN: AT686000000007220577

Please use this online-form to apply for the membership.

You can edit the personal details (address, etc.) here (or via the link in the menu on the left).